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We often receive calls from homeowners who have been burned by a negative remodeling experience. This is almost always the result of unmet expectations.

Either the contractor’s performance did not match the expectations of the homeowner, or the scope of work was not clearly defined. In the spirit of transparency, we want to give you a look inside our standards so you know what to expect from McLennan Contracting.


We view every job as a contract of trust, and our goal is to build that trust through respect and family-friendly conduct.

Our employees sign an agreement to conduct themselves in the professional manner clearly outlined in our company handbook.

You can expect our crew to be free of coarse language, inappropriate clothing, and offensive conduct.


Unmet expectations are often due to vague or inaccurate quoting that fails to consider every important detail.

Our expertise in residential remodeling allows us to foresee the details, challenges, and requirements others may overlook.

During your project’s design phase, you can expect us to provide a clear, detailed scope of work that thoroughly spells out what is included in your project.


We believe there is no such thing as too much communication, which is why we’ve built it into each of our processes. We want customers to feel informed and supported throughout the project.

You can expect timely responses to questions, guidance in making selections, and clear communication about charges, credits, and payments.


To ensure that every project is fairly and accurately tracked, we use software specifically developed for contractors, with the aim of providing documentation and clear communication.

You can expect us to keep detailed time logs and document all the details necessary to keep each project running smoothly from beginning to end.