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Allyssa and Heather's Manheim Township Basement Remodel

A Beautiful Basement Made for Entertaining

Project Goals:
  • Provide a space for entertaining.
  • Create a cozy space to unwind.
  • Prepare for a growing family.
Basement Cost Category: Entertainment Zone

This basement remodel took a dusty and dirty space and turned it into the ultimate entertainment zone.

Project Overview

Heather and Allyssa love to entertain. They had recently built a house, but it was lacking the proper space for them to host friends and family.

We took the bare bones of their basement and turned it into a place they can happily bring people to enjoy for years to come.

Caryn Hendershott

Project Developer

Caryn Hendershott

Matt Wagner Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter

Matt Wagner

Design Concepts

basement design rendering
basement design rendering 2

Scope of Work

The initial plans for the basement remodel were centered around creating an entertainment haven, but as the process progressed, an exciting development unfolded when the couple discovered they were expecting a child. This wonderful news inspired a shift in the project's direction, transforming it into a space that not only caters to entertainment but also accommodates a safe and engaging playroom.

To achieve this dual-purpose environment, the basement was meticulously designed to include a cozy living room area, anchored by a built-in entertainment center. 

Adjacent to the living area, a luxurious bar was installed, featuring elegant bar seating. 

Recognizing the need for a child-friendly zone, we integrated a vibrant playroom into the design. This area is built with safety and fun in mind, boasting colorful decor, durable materials, and ample storage for toys and games. 

To enhance the connectivity between the indoor and outdoor spaces, we added sliding glass doors, leading directly to the backyard patio. This thoughtful addition not only illuminates the basement with natural light but also provides seamless access to outdoor fun, making the transition between the interior and exterior both effortless and inviting.

Through this comprehensive remodeling effort, the basement has been transformed into a multifunctional area that beautifully balances the needs for adult entertainment and child-friendly play. The result is a harmonious space that the family can enjoy together, adapting to their evolving lifestyle and creating lasting memories in their newly envisioned home.

Project Timeline

Project Development Start

September 26, 2023

Production Start

December 1, 2023

Project Completion

February 2, 2024

Though this project started out with one clear direction, we quickly adapted to making necessary changes when the couple found out they were expecting. Even with this change, these clients that knew exactly what they wanted and moved through project development fairly quickly. With ordering materials, product lead times, and scheduling trade partners, they spent a little over a month in pre-production. Once construction starts, a typical basement remodel takes about 4-8+ weeks


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