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Lancaster County Home Remodeling Services

Where We Work

Enriching the Lives of Homeowners in Lancaster County

Our service area includes most communities within the borders of Lancaster County, PA.

As a general rule, we limit our services to homes that are located within a 30-minute drive of our office at 780 Eden Road, Lancaster. This works best for our Design-Build process because it minimizes travel time for our team and enables us to work with our trusted trade partners and suppliers.

Do you ever work outside the towns listed on this page?

We do! The towns listed here provide a general idea of where we work, but travel time is the largest consideration when determining whether a project is within our service area.

On occasion, we will accept a project that is a little farther away. We make this determination on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration our Lead Carpenters' location and schedule, and how well the homeowner's needs and vision fit with our team's strengths.

If you have questions about whether your home is within our service area, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to talk!

East Petersburg Home Remodeling

Known for its ideal location, East Petersburg offers small-town appeal with quick access to Lancaster's urban conveniences.

It's easy to pass through "East Pete" without a second thought. It's a small community, centrally located in Lancaster's northwest suburbs. Because it's close to several major routes, heading anywhere in the area is likely to send you through East Pete.

But locals know East Pete is more than a pass-through town. Owning a home here gives you access to the town's extensive park system, which is connected by well-maintained bike paths. And you're just a few miles from the famous Root's Market, a favorite of visitors and residents alike.

Recent Home Remodels Near East Petersburg


Ephrata Home Remodeling

One of Lancaster's largest small towns, Ephrata offers history, diversity, and convenient travel to some of PA's best destinations. 

A twenty-minute drive from Lancaster, and located almost equidistant between Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Ephrata has enjoyed steady growth in recent years. Home to the famous Ephrata Cloister and Green Dragon Farmer's Market, this town is steeped in history and local culture.

Ephrata's charming shops, restaurants, and inns , combined with its strategic location, make it one of Lancaster County's best places to live. We love being part of this community's continued growth.

Recent Home Remodels Near Ephrata


Lancaster Home Remodeling

The City of Lancaster and its surrounding neighborhoods are rich in culture, history, and diversity.

Ask a Lancaster resident where they're from, and they'll proudly say, "LANC-aster!" And if they're from within the Lancaster city limits, don't be surprised to see an "I Love City Life" bumper sticker nearby.

Because of its vibrant city life, remodeling homes in Lancaster presents some unique challenges, such as accessibility considerations, special knowledge of code requirements, and historical preservation. We've been navigating these challenges since 2003 to deliver beautiful, functional remodels to our proud Lancaster clients, and that brings us great joy.

Recent Home Remodels Near Lancaster


Leola Home Remodeling

Rated one of the Best Places to Raise a Family in Lancaster, Leola is a small-town gem that's quietly growing by leaps and bounds.

Like East Petersburg, it's easy to pass through Leola and miss its best features, but this community is on the rise, and it's easy to see why!

Drive just off Route 23 and you'll immediately find yourself in Amish farmland, or winding along the beautiful Conestoga River. Miller's Natural Foods, The Inn at Leola Village, and Gracie's on West Main are some of our favorite local treasures, and a quick trip north or south will bring you to Lancaster or New Holland respectively.

Leola's friendly residents, rural vibe, and tranquil neighborhoods make this one of our favorite places to remodel in Lancaster County.

Recent Home Remodels Near Leola


Lititz Home Remodeling

Once named the Coolest Small Town in America, Lititz is an ideal blend of historical charm and modern convenience.

A stroll down the tree-lined streets of Lititz will take you past colonial architecture, trendy cafes, and quaint shops. Lititz Springs Park provides a tranquil site for a picnic lunch, or enjoy a fantastic meal (and amazing coffee) across the street at Tomato Pie Cafe. Afterward, take a drive around the countryside surrounding Lititz for a view of rolling hills and picturesque farms.

We love remodeling homes in Lititz not just because of its small-town charm, but because its residents take pride in their community. When we remodel in Lititz, we help strengthen that community by enriching the lives of our clients, and that's something to be proud of.

Recent Home Remodels Near Lititz


Manheim Home Remodeling

Surrounded by sprawling farms and Lancaster's distinctive rolling hills, Manheim is a bustling town with diverse local attractions.

A popular place to visit or to call home, head any direction from town center and you'll run into a reason to love Manheim. Whether your speed is touring a dairy at Kreider Farms or reenacting the renaissance at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Manheim has you covered.

 Home to the world's largest auto auction, this bustling town boasts a vibrant and growing community of families who love country life and local culture. And those families are why we love remodeling homes in Manheim!

Recent Home Remodels Near Manheim


Manheim Township Home Remodeling

Rated as the Best Place to Live in the Lancaster Area, Manheim Township offers manicured neighborhoods, excellent schools, and abundant dining options.  

While not technically a town, Manheim Township carries a strong identity among its residents. Homeowners proudly speaking of living "in Township," and it's easy to see why.

Manheim Township's housing communities are large, lovely, and peaceful. Its schools are the highest rated in the county. Shopping and dining options abound, and the urban attractions of Lancaster lie just to the south.

Manheim Township is also McLennan's home base, so remodeling homes here is one way we love to contribute to our community.  

Recent Home Remodels Near Manheim Township


Millersville Home Remodeling

Its historical roots, mature homes, and proximity to downtown Lancaster make Millersville one of the county's most desirable suburbs.  

Home to Millersville University, this town's growth is rooted in education. Today Millersville is a combination of stately homes and newer developments, owned by residents who enjoy an active suburban vibe just outside urban Lancaster.

When we remodel homes in Millersville, we often work with clients who care deeply about their local community and want their homes to be a place of welcome and hospitality.

Recent Home Remodels Near Millersville


Mount Joy / Landisville Home Remodeling

For those seeking small-town life a stone's throw from Lancaster's urban delights, you can't beat Mount Joy and the Salunga-Landisville area.

Conveniently located just off Route 283, this region offers quick travel southeast to Lancaster or northwest to Harrisburg. But there's no reason to leave town when you have great places like Bube's Brewery and Spooky Nook at your fingertips!

We love remodeling homes for our clients from Mount Joy and surrounding communities.   

Recent Home Remodels Near Mount Joy / Landisville


Mountville Home Remodeling

Rated one of the Best Places to Buy a House in Lancaster, Mountville is an active suburban town ideal for growing families.

Located west of Lancaster and east of Columbia and the Susquehanna River, Mountville is a growing community that prides itself in its public parks.

Over the past few years, we have noticed home remodels in Mountville, Columbia, and the surrounding area trending toward creating spa-like bathrooms and kitchens suited for hospitality. We love to create those types of spaces for our clients!

Recent Home Remodels Near Mountville


Neffsville Home Remodeling

This small hamlet in upper Manheim Township is home to some of Lancaster's highest-rated schools and some of our favorite public parks.

The neighborhoods surrounding Neffsville's small downtown are among the safest and most sought-after in Lancaster County. It's not hard to see why! 

Like the rest of Manheim Township, Neffsville boasts beautiful parks, most notably local favorite Landis Woods. It's also conveniently located close to Penn Cinema, the local airport, and the charming nearby town of Lititz

Our Neffsville clients are caring, conscientious, and family-focused, which makes this one of our favorite places to remodel homes in Lancaster.

Recent Home Remodels Near Neffsville


New Holland Home Remodeling

For those seeking a little more distance from Lancaster's densely populated suburbs, New Holland offers a slower pace in a quiet community surrounded by sprawling farmland.

New Holland is a small town, but it has plenty to offer in the way of sightseeing, antique stores, and charming inns like the Country Hearth Bed & Breakfast.

Situated in the heart of Lancaster's Amish and Mennonite communities, New Holland is rich in local history and culture, but also has a modern flare in eateries like New Holland Coffee Co.

Recent Home Remodels Near New Holland


Strasburg Home Remodeling

Known for its quaint shops, historic architecture, and serene setting, one visit to Strasburg will make you a fan for life.

Steeped in history and culture, Strasburg is best known for offering family fun at Strasburg Railroad and epic entertainment at Sight & Sound Theatre.

Personally, we can't get enough of the coffee at Speckled Hen and the pancakes at Agape, two of our favorite Strasburg eateries.

We love remodeling homes in Strasburg because it gives us the opportunity to maintain and contribute to the beauty of this lovely Lancaster community.

Recent Home Remodels Near Strasburg


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