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Choosing a Remodeler

Are We the Best Match for Your Project?

The first step to having a great remodeling experience is making sure your project and your contractor are compatible. You can determine if McLennan is the right fit for you by asking the following questions.

Do We Provide the Services You Need?

We specialize in design-build bathroom, kitchen, and basement remodeling. We also have a home repair division with half-day and full-day service packages.

For current clients, we provide trade-specific services (plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc.) in conjunction with a larger remodeling or repair project, but in general we do not provide these services separately. For example:

  • We do: Provide tile install as part of a full bathroom remodel.
  • We do not: Provide tile install as a standalone service.

Why not? In order to provide a high level of customer care, we have structured our team to support each aspect of your project, with systems to manage your project smoothly. Standalone, trade-specific projects do not utilize all of these assets, therefore our cost to you would be higher than that of a single subcontractor or tradesperson. If you are looking for a trade-specific service, we would be happy to recommend one of our reputable trade partners.

What Is Your Timeline?

A successful remodel requires careful planning to ensure your finished space—and your experience throughout the process—is everything you're hoping for.

We have structured our design-build process to streamline and define your project's lifecycle from the beginning, so you can have a clear, up-front expectation of when your project will be completed. However, there are always variables that affect project timing, such as:

Design and Selections

A given in any bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodel is the need to make decisions. Floorplans, fixtures, finishes—depending on your project's scope, the list of choices you'll be making could be extensive. While our design schedule provides a general timeline for selections, this phase's duration is largely driven by the client. Some of our clients breeze through the selections process in a matter of days, while others spread it out over several weeks.


Every township and municipality has its own requirements for remodeling projects, and its own timeline for processing permits. We have worked hard to build good relationships with Lancaster County municipalities and stay current on code requirements. However, the permitting timeline can vary depending on a project's specific requirements and the zoning office's current workload.

Lead Times

Some products, such as cabinets or specialty plumbing fixtures, can require several weeks for manufacturing and delivery after an order is placed. Due to these variables, a rapid turnaround on a bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodel is rarely realistic.

However, if rushing through a project is problematic, so is dragging it out. If the design process isn't structured and lean, decision fatigue sets in. If the production schedule isn't tight and efficient, project fatigue sets in. We don't want either of these to be part of your remodeling experience. So while we do not offer overnight remodels, we also prioritize project momentum from start to finish.

Is Our Pricing In Line with Your Budget?

To help answer questions about how much your remodeling project will cost, we've created a downloadable cost guide that shares general price ranges and features of common projects. 

Download the Home Remodeling Cost Guide

We created this guide to provide clarity about why pricing for home remodeling projects can vary so greatly. If you ask five homeowners how much they spent for a bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodel, you’ll likely hear a broad range of answers. This variability will reflect the scope of the project, but it is also a reflection of other factors, such as:

Client Experience

The price we provide is directly related to the systems and safeguards put in place to keep our clients informed and at ease. Our award-winning team invests in your experience by prioritizing communication and detail-management far beyond what is common in our industry. Dedication to service has always been a foundational value of our company, as evidenced by our reviews and awards.

Quality of Work

Not all materials are created equal, and the same is true for craftsmanship. We are selective about the materials, suppliers, and trade partners we use, even for behind-the-walls work that you’ll never see. And to give you peace of mind, we also provide a 1-year Quality of Craftsmanship warranty to cover our carpenters’ installation, which always meets or exceeds the guidelines stated in the NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines.


Business structures vary depending on size and company priorities. We are a small, family-owned business with higher overhead than a single contractor and lower overhead than a large company with an expansive workforce. Our size allows us to offer things that are not usually provided by a single contractor, such as:

  • a team of talented individuals to support you from start to finish.
  • an online portal where you can communicate with our team and track all project details.
  • an efficient production schedule that moves your project from demolition to completion with minimal disruption to your routine.

Do You Have Pre-Selected Products or Subcontractors?

In some cases we will hear from a homeowner who has either purchased materials in anticipation of a remodel, or started a DIY project that they would like us to complete. We evaluate these projects on a case by case basis to determine if our services might be a good fit.

Generally speaking, we do not take on projects that require us to install products obtained from suppliers outside our network. The primary reason for this is quality control. We are familiar with the quality of the products we put into our work, which is why we can stand by them. We cannot provide the same level of service or warranty for products we have not tested.

The same is true of subcontractors with whom we do not have an existing relationship. For nearly two decades, we have intentionally cultivated relationships with licensed and insured trade partners whose work we know will pass rigorous inspections, and whose team will deliver family-friendly conduct on our job sites.

Are You Within Our Service Area?

Our service area covers most communities in Lancaster County, specifically within a 30-minute drive of our office at 780 Eden Road in Lancaster. This is a relatively small area, but by focusing our efforts within Lancaster County, we are able to provide superior service to clients and a manageable, balanced workplace for our team members.

Working exclusively in Lancaster has also allowed us to establish long-standing relationships with municipalities, and develop a network of local suppliers and highly qualified trade partners. 

"Tim, and his team, were friendly, reliable, and very detail-oriented. We love the end result-our house looks great and we have received many compliments on it. Whenever someone we know is considering a project, we recommend McLennan Contracting, because we know they will be just as happy as we are!"

Mandy S.

"These days, it’s very difficult to find hardworking, honest people that actually take pride in what they do. [The McLennan team members] really do and we found this entire situation to be refreshing! They did a beautiful job and we can’t thank them enough! They have gained our respect and we can’t stop telling everyone about them!"

Jamie & Lisa F.


Have Questions about Your Lancaster Bathroom Remodel?

We offer free consultations to answer questions and help you discern the next step toward your remodeling goals.