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Our Design-Build Process

Why a Contractor's Remodeling Process Matters

You've started your research, and you have a short list of contractors. How do you choose one that will give you a great experience?

We believe a client's experience—positive or negative—can usually be traced back to the process used for project delivery. “Project delivery” refers to the methods implemented to plan, design, and construct your remodeling project.

If you value a low-stress remodeling experience, start by choosing a method of project delivery that maximizes up-front planning and minimizes unpleasant surprises. McLennan's process is based on the Design-Build method of project delivery, which is proven to provide the smoothest, most efficient and rewarding experience for client and contractor alike.

Below is a walk-through our 5-step Design-Build process.

1: Discover

Virtual Consultation

Client Needs & Vision
Process & Comparables
Compatibility Check

More about the Virtual Consultation

2: Explore

Preliminary Design

On-Site Evaluation
Initial Concepts
Preliminary Budget

More about Preliminary Design

3: Define

Design Development

Renderings & Revisions
Product Selections
Customization & Approval

More about Design Development

4: Build

Scheduling & Construction

Permits & Planning
Project Management

More about Scheduling & Construction

5: Enjoy

Project Completion

Professional Cleaning

More about Project Completion

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Want to Chat about Your Remodel?

Virtual consultations are a free, convenient way for you to ask questions and discern the next right step toward your remodeling goals.