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Remodeling Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is the room that bookends your day. If it’s not serving you well, a remodel could have an enormous impact on how you experience your home.

Perhaps your bathroom layout isn’t functional, the space feels cramped, or it lacks light. Perhaps you’re dealing with a leaking shower, crumbling tile, or other faulty fixtures. 

Whatever the case, every worthwhile bathroom remodel starts with one important question:

How will a bathroom remodel enrich your life at home?

Bathroom remodel with matching vanities

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Check out our online gallery of bathroom remodels to see how other homeowners have transformed their spaces.

Lancaster PA Bathroom Remodeling

What's the Goal of Your Bathroom Remodel?

Once you begin thinking about a remodel, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. 

Ideas are everywhere, but only you can define what matters most for your project. The end goal is the experience the remodel provides for you and your family. How do you want the finished space to feel? If you know that, it will be easier to prioritize specific functions and elements when designing your project.

BATHROOM REMODELING_ 10 Questions to Help You Find Your Why

10 Questions to Help You Find Your Why

When planning a bathroom remodel, it's important to begin with the end in mind. This free list will help you clarify your end goal so you can invest your time and energy in the decisions that matter most.

What Is Your Preferred Remodeling Process?

Every contractor has their own process, so knowing what type of experience you’re looking for will help you find the right fit.

Do you prefer to plan your remodel independently, or are you looking for a guide to support you through the decision-making phase? Do you plan to complete some of the project yourself, or would you rather invest your energy elsewhere?

Unless you're committed to DIY, we recommend choosing a reputable Design-Build company, to take advantage of the many benefits the Design-Build method provides.


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"McLennan was professional, courteous, timely and communicative. All of the people that worked for them were friendly and compassionate and all did an amazing job to help us achieve our goals."

Beth T.
Bathroom Remodeling Client

"They were reliable, friendly, professional, trustworthy, and delivered a stunning bathroom. The entire process was stress-free, the work is high-quality, and I would recommend McLennan Contracting to anyone."

Anna U.
Bathroom Remodeling Client

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Have Questions about Your Bathroom Remodel?

Virtual consultations are a free, convenient way to discern the next step toward your remodeling goals. 

Free Bathroom Cost Guide-1

2021 Bathroom Remodeling Cost Guide

Considering a bathroom remodel and not sure how to budget? This free guide walks you through features and cost ranges to anticipate for Design-Build bathroom remodels in Lancaster, PA.