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Andrew & Maggie's Manheim Township Bathroom Remodel

A Modern and Practical Family Bathroom

Project Goals:
  • Enhance storage solutions.
  • Ensure durability and child-friendliness
  • Upgrade functionality and aesthetics. 
Bathroom Cost Category: Midrange Designer
Manheim Township Primary Bathroom Remodel before Manheim Township Primary Bathroom Remodel after

Project Overview

These clients needed a bathroom remodel to prepare their home for the arrival of twins. Built in 1988, their house required updates to enhance functionality and comfort.

Since this bathroom will be the kids' bathroom, they sought for storage space and functionality.It was also important to use durable products that could withstand the wear and tear associated with young children.


Project Developer

Tim McLennan

Matt Wagner Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter

Matt Wagner

Design Concepts

Design Rendering in Manheim Township Primary Bathroom Remodel
design rendering of Manheim Township Primary Bathroom Remodel

Scope of Work

The project included opening up a section of the wall into the master bedroom to create space for a new storage cabinet, significantly enhancing storage capacity.

New, durable flooring was installed throughout the bathroom, and the existing vanity was replaced with a new one, along with new countertops that provide ample space and resilience.

The bathtub, essential for the kids, was replaced with a brand new one to ensure functionality and safety. The original outdated sliding doors over the tub, which were not suitable for bathing young children, were removed. The shower area was updated with new tiles, including a niche featuring accent green tiles for additional storage. Matte black fixtures were installed throughout, providing a modern and cohesive look.

The remodel focused on balancing functionality and design, using durable materials that are both practical and visually appealing, resulting in a child-friendly yet elegant bathroom that meets the needs of our clients' expanding family.

Project Timeline

Project Development Start

March 13, 2024

Production Start

April 29, 2024

Project Completion

June 7, 2024

Andrew and Maggie approached us with clear needs for their bathroom remodel, particularly focusing on functionality and aesthetics to accommodate their growing family. Tim used his expertise to guide them through design development, helping them choose the right styles, colors, and materials to meet their goals. This efficient collaboration allowed them to move swiftly through the design development phase, which lasted about a month. During pre-production we work on ordering materials, learning product lead times, obtaining permits, and scheduling trade partners. Once construction starts, a typical bathroom remodel takes about 4-6+ weeks. Despite the comprehensive scope of work, the project was completed within the typical timeline for a bathroom remodel, ensuring that Andrew and Maggie could enjoy their newly remodeled space in a timely manner.


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