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Aya & Kevin's Rohrerstown Bathroom Remodel

A Bright Bathroom With A Unique Tropical Touch

Project Goals:
  • Add the owner/artist's personality to the space.
  • Improve functionality.
  • Freshen up the space.
Bathroom Cost Category: Midrange Designer
Rohrerstown Bathroom before remodel Rohrerstown Bathroom after remodel

Project Overview

This bathroom remodel is a complete structural overhaul alongside an addition of the client's personal artistic touch.

The project is distinguished by the integration of unique and intricate rainforest-themed tile mosaics, curated and installed by the client, creating a space that is both professionally designed and intimately personalized.

Trish Barley Project Designer in Lancaster PA

Project Developer

Trish Barley, AKBD

Matt Wagner Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter

Matt Wagner

Design Concepts

Rohrerstown Bathroom Remodel design rendering
Rohrerstown Bathroom Remodel design rendering

Scope of Work

 To achieve the desired look and feel, this project started with the demolition and removal of all existing fixtures, including the toilet, bathtub, vanity, and the stripping of the current tile flooring.

To enhance the functionality and ambiance of the space, new lighting was added to the shower and tub area.

The renovation continued with the installation of a modern soaker tub, a stylish new vanity and countertop, and the addition of matching accessories, all of which contribute to the bathroom's contemporary feel.

A significant feature of this remodel is the client’s contribution of hand-curated, rainforest-themed tile mosaics, which was expertly installed to create a unique artistic statement.

The project also included laying new tile flooring that complements the rainforest theme, along with fresh paint on walls and ceilings in colors that harmonize with the overall design.

This finished project is not just a functional and modern bathroom, but a personalized sanctuary that perfectly embodies the client's vision and artistic expression, bringing together professional quality with a personal touch.

Project Timeline

Project Development Start

April 12, 2023

Production Start

July 10, 2023

Project Completion

September 29, 2023

This project for Kevin and Aya was marked by their clear vision and decisiveness in the design phase. Their proactive approach significantly streamlined the decision-making process. During the pre-production stage, we focus on ordering materials, understanding product lead times, and coordinating with trade partners to ensure a seamless workflow. Typically, a bathroom remodel of this nature is expected to take approximately 4-6 weeks once construction begins. However, the intricacy of the detailed tile work in this project required additional time, slightly extending the timeline beyond the initial estimate. Despite this minor extension, the project was successfully completed with minimal delays, maintaining a high standard of quality and client satisfaction.


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