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Dennis & Amanda's Lancaster Primary Bathroom Remodel

A Beautifully Bold Bathroom with Art Deco Inspiration

Project Goals:
  • Expand the bathroom to maximize functionality.
  • Add a walk-in shower.
  • Create more storage opportunities. 
Bathroom Cost Category: Midrange Premium
Lancaster Primary Bathroom before remodel Lancaster Primary Bathroom after remodel

Project Overview

These clients were looking for a breath of fresh air in their daily routine. They decided it was time to upgrade their cramped bathroom. 

They wanted more space and updated features. They envisioned a sanctuary that not only reflected their personalities but also offered a relaxing place to unwind. The vision was clear: a space that allowed them to stretch out comfortably, featuring a luxurious walk-in shower, and giving them more storage.

Trish Barley Project Designer in Lancaster PA

Project Developer

Trish Barley, AKBD

Matt Wagner Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter

Matt Wagner

Design Concepts

Layout deisgn rendering
Shower Design Rendering-1

Scope of Work

We solved the problem of an outdated, small space by turning the nearby unused bedroom into an extended part of their bathroom. This made the bathroom bigger and connected it well with the bedroom.

We decorated it in an art deco style, using rich gold and fresh green colors. This added elegance and matched what our clients wanted. The result was a stylish and useful space that reflected our clients' personalities.

This new space gave them the comfort and practicality they needed. The change from a small bathroom to this elegant area was a big improvement, showing the impact of good design.

Project Timeline

Project Development Start

August 15, 2023

Production Start

October 18, 2023

Project Completion

December 15, 2023

Dennis and Amanda came to us with clear pain points they wanted to solve and eagerly expressed their needs and desires. Trish used her expertise to give them the solution they were looking for and provided them with a clear direction on styles, colors, and textures. This helped them move swiftly through project development. During pre-production we work on ordering materials, learning product lead times, obtaining permits, and scheduling trade partners. Once construction starts, a typical bathroom remodel takes about 4-6+ weeks. Due to this project's expanded scope of work, it required a few extra days than an average bathroom remodel.


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