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Diana and Scott's Rohrerstown Bathroom Remodel

A Classy Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

Project Goals:
  • Create a shower that was a focal point of the space.
  • Add flair and style to the space.
  • Make it a space they enjoyed spending time in.
Bathroom Cost Category: Midrange Premium

This remodel was necessary to take a cold, dark, and outdated space and turn it into a bright and stylish bathroom.

Rohrerstown Bathroom before remodel Rohrerstown Bathroom after remodel

Project Overview

When Diana and Scott first moved into their home, they didn't love the bathroom and decided to give it a little facelift themselves. However, years later, it still did not evoke the joy they were looking for in their bathroom.

They decided a full remodel was what the space needed in order to really get the bathroom they desired.

Trish Barley Project Designer in Lancaster PA

Project Developer

Trish Barley, AKBD

Ryan Snyder Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter

Ryan Snyder

Design Concepts

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 6.33.09 PM
Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 4.30.06 PM

Scope of Work

The bathroom remodel was an extensive project that focused on modernizing the space while adhering to the homeowner's specific aesthetic preferences. The primary goal was to update the style, introducing colors, fixtures, and finishes that resonated with the homeowner's vision. A highlight of this transformation was the construction of a custom vanity, designed to embody the sleek, clean lines characteristic of mid-century modern design.

An important aspect of the remodel involved the tub and surround. The old fixtures were removed, and the area was expanded to accommodate a new, fully tiled walk-in shower. This new shower, complete with frameless sliding glass doors, not only enhanced the functionality of the bathroom but also contributed significantly to its modern aesthetic.

Lighting played a crucial role in the remodel. The addition of a recessed light, a combination fan and light with heating capabilities, and extra vanity lighting fixtures significantly brightened the bathroom.

The overall aesthetic of the bathroom was meticulously curated, with every design element, from the paint and tiles to the accessories, carefully selected to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing finish. This attention to detail ensured that the bathroom not only met the functional needs of the homeowner but also reflected their personal style, resulting in a space that was both beautiful and practical.

Project Timeline

Project Development Start

November 1, 2024

Production Start

February 12, 2024

Project Completion

March 21, 2024

Since Diana and Scott had given this bathroom a little facelift themselves years prior to this remodel, they knew exactly what worked and didn't work for them and had a clear picture of what they wanted. They love the mid-century modern design style so with the help of our Project Developer, Trish, they achieved the design and made selections in a seamless manner. During pre-production we work on ordering materials, learning product lead times, and scheduling trade partners. Once construction starts, a typical bathroom remodel takes about 4-6+ weeks. This project fell right within the estimated timeframe.


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