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Tom & Marianne's Lampeter-Strasburg Kitchen Remodel

Modern Elegance Meets Rustic Charm

Project Goals:
  • Create a space they are proud of.
  • Give the island a more functional layout. 
  • Add more style and flair to the space.

Kitchen Cost Category: Kitchen Refresh

Lampeter-Strasburg kitchen before refresh Lampeter-Strasburg kitchen after refresh

Project Overview

Our goal was to transform a dated kitchen into a stylish, functional space that the homeowners could take pride in. 

By focusing on enhancing the island's layout, adding modern design elements, and incorporating personalized touches, we successfully created a kitchen that seamlessly blends elegance with practicality.


Project Developer

Tim McLennan


Lead Carpenter

Ryan Snyder

Design Concepts

Design rendering in Lampeter-Strasburg kitchen
Design rendering in Lampeter-Strasburg kitchen

Scope of Work

To transform this kitchen into a space the homeowners could be proud of, we began by painting all the cabinets, brightening the room and giving it a modern, cohesive look.

We then installed new quartz countertops, adding both beauty and functionality with their sleek, clean surface. To infuse rustic charm and create a visually appealing contrast, we added a stylish brick backsplash.

A significant part of the remodel was redesigning the kitchen island. By making it all one height, we provided a more functional layout with ample seating and workspace, replacing the old, raised section that was small and impractical.

Lastly, we added a wine rack and open shelving to the previously bare wall at the end of the kitchen, enhancing both storage and style.

This comprehensive remodel resulted in a kitchen that not only meets the functional needs of the homeowners but also showcases their personal taste and style.

Project Timeline

Project Development Start

March 8, 2024

Production Start

April 29, 2024

Project Completion

May 22, 2024

These clients were highly motivated to get the kitchen of their dreams. They love some aspects of their kitchen and did not want to do a complete overhaul. They had a few pains that needed solved. With the guidance of our Project Developer, Trish, they were able to create a functional space that was modern and stylish while also giving it a more rustic charm. These clients collaborated with Trish to seamlessly come up with a design they were happy with. 

With ordering materials, product lead times, and scheduling trade partners, they spent a little over a month in pre-production. Once construction starts, a typical kitchen remodel takes about 6-10+ weeks. Since a refresh typically has a smaller and less extensive scope of work, the timeline is generally shorter. This project was completed right on time in about 4 weeks.

man on phone consultation

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