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Lancaster Kitchen Remodel: How Much Will It Cost? [2024]

By: Alison McLennan | February 6, 2024

Topics: Kitchen Remodeling

One of the first questions you'll probably ask when thinking about renovating your kitchen is, "How much is a kitchen remodel going to cost?

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It's a natural and practical place to start, since pulling the trigger on a remodel is dependent on having the funds available to do so.

Unfortunately, getting a straight answer to this question can feel like a shell game. Run a Google search on average kitchen remodeling costs and you'll find numbers differing by tens of thousands of dollars.

What accounts for this disparity, and how do you determine which sources to trust?



What Is the Average Cost of a Kitchen Remodel?

The reason this question is hard to answer is that "averages" are based on assumptions about project elements that range broadly in cost. Below are four of the most significant elements that may differ from one source to another.


1. Scope of Work

An average kitchen remodel cost is affected not only by the size of a space, but by the extent of change taking place over the course of the project. Some kitchen remodels are more of a cosmetic refresh, while others are a full rebuild.

Changes to a kitchen's layout, such as moving appliance locations or altering walls to expand the space, are one of the largest variables. In addition, there's a broad spectrum of changes related to cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, flooring, lighting, and fixtures that significantly impact the budget. For that reason, estimating the cost of remodeling a kitchen before defining the scope of work usually leads to unmet expectations. 


2. Grade of Materials & Finishes

As with vehicles, electronics, and other consumer products, kitchen remodeling materials are available in varying levels of quality. Entry-level lines are often less durable and tend to come with fewer features or options than midrange products, while upscale materials seem to have no end to luxury and customization.

And it's not only the visible fixtures and finishes that impact the quality and the cost of remodeling a kitchen. What's behind the walls matters, too. 


3. Omitted Costs

Many contractors have a love/hate relationship with HGTV shows like Fixer Upper. On the one hand, they're fun to watch and have inspired millions of homeowners to remodeling's potential impact on their everyday lives. On the other hand, these feel-good shows can foster a host of unrealistic expectations about remodeling budgets and timelines. Their proclaimed budgets almost always omit or reduce costs that the average homeowner will need to cover, such as permits, project management, and labor. Online remodeling cost guides, often geared toward DIYers, sometimes leave these expenses out as well.


4. Location

Just as income and housing numbers differ dramatically from one part of the country to another, remodeling costs are impacted by location. A kitchen remodel in the Pacific Northwest is likely going to cost more than an identical remodel in rural Tennessee. While some of this may be due to market demand, the greater contributing factors are regional labor and material rates, which profoundly affect a remodeling company's operating expenses.  


Lancaster Kitchen Remodeling Costs by Neighborhood

Even in a relatively small service area like Lancaster County, there can be location-based pricing impacts. Here are some examples of cost considerations for a few of our favorite places to remodel in Lancaster.


Lancaster City Kitchen Remodel Costs & Pricing

In recent years, Lancaster City has experienced a surge in restorations and remodels, contributing to its charming and historic ambiance. However, the city presents unique challenges to remodeling projects, particularly when it comes to kitchen remodels.

Most of the homes in and around downtown Lancaster City were built prior to the standardization of building practices and large-scale manufacturing of sheet goods. Consequently, accessibility is a major concern, and modern material installations usually require more than a simple 1:1 replacement. Older homes can also require specialized handling of lead paint, asbestos, and silica in compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations.

Logistics pose another challenge, affecting the cost of remodeling in Lancaster City. Parking near the job site often requires permits, and tool and equipment accessibility, outdoor workspace setup, and on-site material storage are more difficult within the city's confines.

Due to these factors, among others, remodeling in Lancaster City may be up to 15%-20% more expensive than in certain Lancaster suburbs.


Manheim Township Kitchen Remodel Costs & Pricing

Manheim Township is comprised of relatively new homes, constructed in accordance with standard practices in the 1980s and beyond. Most neighborhoods are designed with easy access to vehicles, equipment, and materials. For non-structural or zoning change projects, an over-the-counter mechanical permit simplifies the process.

Though Manheim Township remodels are usually pricier due to their project scale, such as additions or whole-home remodels compared to single kitchen remodels, they tend to be cost-effective compared to some other locations in Lancaster County.


Lititz Kitchen Remodel Costs & Pricing

Lititz is a beloved community with a charming historic downtown, picturesque streets, and welcoming residents. Remodeling in Lititz and Warwick Township has its own set of challenges and advantages.

For instance, similar to Lancaster City, the older homes in downtown Lititz require special building practices and customization. Limited parking and accessibility issues can increase the cost of a kitchen remodel by up to 10%.

However, Lititz's outlying neighborhoods, similar to Manheim Township, are made up of newer homes with ample space for the logistics of a remodel. 


Leola Kitchen Remodel Costs & Pricing

Leola, with the majority of its neighborhoods constructed in the 1980s or later, is a prime candidate for cost-effective remodeling. Its popularity among Lancaster residents also makes it a great contender for a high remodeling ROI. Remodeling in Leola tends to be less expensive due to the convenience of its logistical considerations, though project scope and finishes ultimately determine the final cost.


As you can see, age of the home and logistics are the two primary factors impacting kitchen remodel costs and pricing on a neighborhood level. These principles apply to other delightful communities in Lancaster, including Strasburg, Millersville, Hempfield, Landisville, and Manheim. Historic districts tend to be pricier, while more recently constructed suburban neighborhoods require fewer logistical expenses.


Which Factors Most Affect the Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen?

Perhaps you've heard the time management analogy about fitting rocks in a jar. This word picture, with a twist, can also be helpful when considering the cost of remodeling a kitchen.

Imagine that the elements of your kitchen remodel are a collection rocks that vary in size. You need to fit all of these rocks into a jar. The jar represents your remodeling budget.

The size of the rocks you select will depend upon the size of your jar. In some cases, you might choose to be chisel a particular rock to a smaller size. Or, if you have extra room in your jar, you might swap out one rock for another of its kind, but in a larger size. (This process of chiseling and swapping rocks is the design process.)

So, how much should a kitchen remodel cost? It depends on your rocks and the size of your jar. Are you in love with the latest kitchen remodeling trends and willing to take up some extra room in your jar to get them? Or is it more important to you to keep your rocks small and not max out the space in your jar?


What are the biggest "rocks" of a kitchen remodel?

1. Layout

As mentioned previously, expanding and reconfiguring a kitchen layout will be more costly than replacing fixtures and appliances in existing locations. This is due on large part to the structural and mechanical updates required for reconfiguration.

2. Cabinetry

Cabinets, one of the largest "rocks," are available in an enormous variety of grades and styles, with seemingly endless options for customization. 

3. Countertops, Sink, and Backsplash

Laminate or quartz? Stainless steel or farm sink? Bead board or ceramic tile? The materials selected for these elements come with a broad ranges of prices.

4. Appliances

Are you reinstalling existing appliances, replacing them, or doing a mix of both? Depending on the number and grade of appliances you're purchasing, this could account for a significant portion of your budget.

5. Flooring

From entry-level laminate to luxurious heated floors, flooring options are plentiful and diverse, as are the prices associated with them.


Where Can I Find Trustworthy Information about the Cost of Remodeling a Kitchen?

Let's be honest, most of the budgeting guides out there double as sales resources for the companies that create them. That being said, there is a highly respected, industry-specific research group—Zonda—that does not directly benefit from your kitchen remodel. Their annual Cost vs. Value Report, published every year in Remodeling Magazine, is a good place to start.

According to Zonda's 2023 Cost vs. Value report, the average cost of a major kitchen remodel in the Mid-Atlantic region is $80,695 for Midrange kitchens and $164,263 for Upscale kitchens.


What Does the Average Kitchen Remodel Cost...Really?

While we feel Zonda's report accurately reflects general kitchen remodel pricing in our area, we want to once again emphasize that when it comes to averages, a single number does not tell the whole story.


Average Kitchen Remodeling Pricing in Lancaster, PA

How much does a kitchen remodel cost in Lancaster? For the reasons mentioned above, the "average" covers a huge range. Last year we remodeled kitchens that ranged from $25,000 for a kitchen refresh to over $140,000 for a premium kitchen.

Since the Midrange category encompasses the largest percentage of Lancaster kitchen remodels, let's focus there for a deeper dive into price breakdowns.

We build a lot of Midrange kitchens for homeowners in Lancaster County, and these projects range from the mid $40,000s to $130,000 or more. As you can see from our kitchen remodel gallery, the term "Midrange" covers a lot of budgetary ground.

To provide a little extra guidance to those planning for a remodeling budget, we have created our own Lancaster Home Remodeling Cost Guide. In this guide, we've included Zonda's Cost vs. Value averages and popular features, but also broken down the kitchen Midrange category into three subcategories: Midrange Economy, Midrange Designer, and Midrange Premium.


Examples of Midrange Lancaster Kitchen Remodels

Midrange Economy kitchens, like Donna's Lancaster kitchen remodel, typically maintain the existing kitchen footprint and layout, but include replacement of cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and fixtures.

Midrange Designer kitchens, like Dennis & Kay's Rohrerstown kitchen remodel, often include modifications to the cabinetry layout within the kitchen’s existing footprint. Some appliances may also be relocated.

Midrange Premium kitchens, like Bill & Liz's Conestoga Valley kitchen remodel, often involve eliminating or relocating walls to expand the space and fully reimagine the layout of the kitchen.

Our cost guide includes the average price of a kitchen remodel in Lancaster based on these three subcategories, along with general descriptions of what to expect in terms of features and scope of work.

We hope this post, and our cost guide, are helpful tools as you dream and plan for your kitchen remodel. If we can be of assistance, or if you'd like to chat with our project consultant about your Lancaster kitchen remodel, we'd love for you to schedule a free discovery call.

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Written by Alison McLennan

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